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The best activity in Hoi An: Hoi An photo tour & workshop

The best activity in Hoi An

If you are looking for the best thing to do in Hoi An, for a unique and interactive tour, look no further. Hoi An Photo Tour and Workshop is the best activity in Hoi An. Believe our past clients and the 500+ amazing reviews they left us over the years!

Launched in 2009, Hoi An Photo Tour has been taking thousands of students to the best locations around Hoi An while teaching them about photography. By joining a photography tour with us in or around Hoi An you will be able to take better images and see things in a more creative way. 

Our tours are educational and fun, allow you to see the “real” Vietnam and there is no age limit to who can join us! 

Outdoor activity in Hoi An

Hoi An Photo Tour offers several options that will surely meet your demands! Whether you want to take a morning walk through the old town early morning, or you prefer to get dirty in the fields around Hoi An, our tours will take you outside for some outdoor adventures!

Taking photos and meeting people of Vietnam with hoi an photo tour

Educational activity in Hoi An

Our photography tours are definitely a great educational activity you can do while in Hoi An. What best than learning and improving your photography skills while you are travelling through Vietnam and Asia? 

Perfect your camera settings understanding and learn some great creative composition techniques. All our tours begin with a photography workshop about camera settings and composition. Our goal is to help you understand the tool you are using and see things the way photographers do: working on the light, capturing a moment and telling stories with your photos. 

An artistic activity that makes you create unique images 

We’ll take you to some of the most iconic places around Hoi An as they are part of the journey. More than that, we will be here to push you to express yourself and capture the images you really want. Don’t be afraid of having a different approach. We’ve been teaching thousands of students with different expectations and goals. We will use our experience to help your find your own style and capture the images that you enjoy (and can be proud of).

Our tours specialize in the art of people photography

Because taking photos of people in Vietnam is easier than in other parts of the world, it is the ideal location if you want to get started with people photography. And this is what we have been doing for 15 years, in Vietnam and in many other countries in Asia.

We also focus on the art of approaching people to take their photos with ethics and respect. We go and meet the people and talk with them, learning about their ways of life and experience. 

Student of hoi an photo tour and workshop interacting with the locals

A fun thing to do with the family when in Hoi An

Hoi An Photo Tour and workshop is also a great thing to do for the family! These outdoor and educational activities are ideal for children who want to learn about photography. 

Because we take you out to the best locations, away from the main tourist tracks, it allows the whole family to get a glimpse of the real Vietnam. Our tours often take us through villages where our special connections with the local people allow us to enter their houses and witness their ways of life. 

Plus you learn how to take better images, more creative and believe us, it can be really useful for family photos 😉 

An activity in Hoi An you can do with your phone

Do not worry if you only have your smartphone! Every camera is great if you are creative with your compositions! And this is exactly what we teach on our photography tours. 

We do teach about camera settings and how to simplify the process so you can enjoy the act of taking photos and interacting with people. With your smartphone, we focus on composition techniques and creative ways to take better photos. We have been using smartphones a lot and have a few tricks to blow your mind! 

You do not need a huge camera to take beautiful pictures when you visit our best locations around Hoi An at the best time of the day! And we even created a special smartphone photography workshop for the ones who want to focus on this tool.

learning phone photography with Hoi an photo tour and workshop

Definitely, the best thing to do in Hoi An

Improve your photography while discovering the best locations around Hoi An. This is definitely the best thing to do in Hoi An, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed photographer. 

A cultural activity

Discover and learning more about local life will definitely help you to capture better photos. Our team has been living in Vietnam for years and has a strong passion for Vietnamese culture.  

We’ll take you to places where other people don’t usually go. Nothing is staged, everything is raw and will offer you a 100% authentic experience. 

A food discovery 

It might not be what you’re thinking about first when it comes to photography but hey, photographers do also need some energy! (yes early wake up do need to be rewarded !). During our tour, we love to support small local businesses, it’s one of the ways we like to give back to the community. For our guests, it’s usually a great moment to try local food in a 100% local atmosphere. Eating Quang noodles on the beach, enjoying a delicious banh mi while observing a busy street…. Here are some of the little foody sides that we enjoy during our tours and workshops. 

And don’t forget the coffee! We know the absolute best coffee shops around because, we have to admit, we’re a bit caffeine-addicted! Coffee culture is a really important part of the Vietnamese way of life. 

The best activity to do in and around Hoi An

Hoi An Photo Tour and workshop is definitely one of the best things you can do while in Hoi An, whether you are an experienced or complete photography novice. Join our team and explore the best of what Hoi An area has to offer while improving your photography skills.