Mark Lorraine for Hoi an photo tour

Mark Loraine – UK

It is my second time going on one of the tours arranged by Etienne and I hope it won’t be the last. My previous tour was some 5 years ago and we went to the fishing village at dawn. As a professional photographer, it is fabulous to have a guide who can take you to places you would never normally go. Etienne is that guide and this time was no exception.

This time I chose to take the evening tour to the fields around Hoi An and it was equal to the early morning trip (and didn’t mean getting up at 4.30am on your holidays – mind you that was worth it)

I must add that Etienne and myself have become friends since we first met and although it may look like I am being a little sycophantic, I assure you I am not. Etienne is a great photographer and a great teacher – even to an old hack like myself 🙂

Anyway, go on either tour, I recommend them both and just take photos ! Thanks again Etienne !