night photographer in Hoi An old town

Jeremy Sebastian

First– Fred is a really good guy. It was a small group– me, my wife, and one other person. Fred gave us a history of the area and we got off of the beaten path. We walked through the rice fields and captured images of real people. Fred speaks Vietnamese– which in and of itself is amazing since he is a 6’6 Canadian. As we walked through the rice fields, we were always greeted with a big smile and great opportunities for photos.

My wife has long been a fan of photography and this was the first class that we ever took. Fred walked us throughout to utilize our camera better, finding the right light, setting the proper aperture settings, etc. There is definitely a pre- and post- Fred’s touch on our photos from the rest of the trip.

After walking through the rice fields, the farm homes, and a peanut factory, Fred took us to Hoi An for a night photo shoot to work on techniques to capture the beautiful city at night. As we wrapped up the session, he invited us out to have a beer and grab dinner one of his favourite local places.

Thank you, Fred, for putting together a truly great afternoon trip that we’ll always remember.