Participant of Hoi An sunrise photography tour

Emma Tour Review

Whether you are a budding photographer or just like to take pictures on your phone, this is a great experience. As a couple, one of us had a Canon all singing all dancing camera and the other…and iPhone…it was one of our holiday highlights (even me with the iPhone!).

We did the fishing village tour and got picked up just before 5 am to head to the market, this gave us a fantastic opportunity to see non-touristy Vietnam. The team were fantastic giving us great tips both on any camera requests/settings/exposures but also on composition – thinking about what you want to capture and the key take out from your photo. They also taught us about photo etiquette in Vietnam (how you should approach people) and taking the phone you want without getting in the way of trading.

The tour includes coffee and breakfast -this was just as much of the experience – if you are lucky to find the banana cake lady at home – wow…both from a photography and stomach point of view.