Hoi An street photography workshop

Street Photography Workshop


Welcome to the first day to day street photography workshop in Asia! If you have an interest in Street Photography or if you want to broaden your horizons by shooting something else than Travel photography, this workshop is for you!

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      Street Photography
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    All about the Street Photography Workshop.

    If you want to sharpen your vision as a street shooter and fine-tune your skills then you have come to the right place. This workshop is run by Etienne and will introduce you to the concept of Street Photography and capturing the decisive moment. Etienne will open your eyes to a new way of observing everyday life and capture those picture-perfect moments.

    The workshop offers a 2-hour excursion through Hoi An’s Old town (please inquire here if you are interested in a longer workshop)


    Etienne teaches you photography with Hoi An Photo tour


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    • Welcome Drink
    • Street Photography Workshop


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    • Your Camera Equipment
    • Basic camera settings are not covered in this workshop. This is for advanced photographers.


    1. At a glance The streets

      The street workshop begins with a casual meet and greet, along with going through the technical side where we will make sure you have a good understanding of the essence of Street Photography. We will discuss how we can see things in a busy scene, how to deconstruct a composition before taking the shot.

      Next, we walk through the ancient town, usually in an afternoon when there’s plenty of activity on the streets with good light. After our time shooting, we have an editing/ review session where we go over the photos from the shoot. At this point, students will also have access to our street photography/documentary photo book collection, which will give more insight into the exciting world of street photography.


    Street photography in Hoi An

    What we call Street Photography is not taking photos in the streets. Street photography is about seeing beyond the obvious and adding more elements in your frame for better or more quirky storytelling.

    Do not expect to photography women in conical hats in front of the yellow walls in Hoi An, this is Travel Photography.

    It is ideal for street photography to work with one camera and one lens. A focal length of between 28 to 35mm is ideal for this type of photography, but not necessary. Any kit lens would also work.

    The streets photography workshops that we run are not designed to teach you about camera settings, or the very basic rules of composition. In order to compose an image and capture a moment, there is no time to hesitate with the camera settings.

    Indeed, experience taught us that we do not need more to help you through the basic things. And you’ll have to put up with A LOT of information!

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