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Two men grinding ice blocks in central Vietnam
Reflections of fishermen at sunrise
Fishermen braving the waves to unload the fish in central Vietnam
Fisherman in Vietnam pulling a net out of the water at sunrise
Boy and mum cleaning the fishing net at sunrise in Vietnam
Men washing baskets

Private Advanced Sunrise Photography


Advanced photographers only! A small group sunrise photography tour in a very exclusive location.


Private Tour: $ 250 (up to 2 people)
Group tour: $ 85 per person (minimum 3 participants)

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      Travel Photography
    • Activity Level Advanced photographer
    • Group Size Small Group
    All about the Private Advanced Sunrise Photography.

    4 am to 9.30am

    This very special photo tour is taking us to a very photogenic fishing village about 50 km outside of Hoi An. Due to the fact that we need to drive about 45 minutes to get there, there will be time for discussions about composition prior to the shooting but no time to go through technical things, ie camera settings. This tour is aimed at people who already have a good understanding of their cameras and composition.

    We can host a maximum of 3 people on this tour. If you are by yourself, and not looking for a private photography workshop, please show interest as there may be other people also interested to join and share the cost of the tour.

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    Fishermen surfing the waves on basket boats at sunrise during hoi an advanced photography tour

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Hotel Pick up
    • Transportation back and forth to the village
    • Photography workshop
    • Breakfast and coffee
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Your photography equipment


    1. At a glance Exclusive

      After picking you up and driving for about 45 minutes, we will reach our exclusive location where some of the most exciting scenes happen on a daily basis. This is where, almost every day, hundreds of people gather at sunrise to unload the fish.

      The ladies are here for the business, and negotiation is a skill that they handle with a lot of passion. For a few hours, the pristine beach is filled with stunning photo opportunities, while the sun is rising over the horizon. Just spectacular.

      After this hectic time, we head into the village for a well-deserved coffee and local breakfast, before spending some time walking through this traditional and untouched fishing village.

      Back in your hotel by 9.30 am.

    People Photography Fishing village in Vietnam

    The idea is that we don’t really have the time to teach people about camera settings as the place can be very hectic and overwhelming. This tour is aimed at people who have a good understanding of their camera and want to improve their composition skills, mostly dealing with busy situations.

    This is what we would call an “exclusive group” workshop. We can take a maximum number of 3 people each time. You will have to pay the full rate of the tour is you are by yourself, but if someone else wants to join this tour you will be sharing the cost.

    Overall Rating
    Etienne Bossot
    Reviewed On 06/03/2019

    Thanks a lot Avia!

    Avia Solomon
    Reviewed On 25/02/2019

    Definitely the best tour I've done in Viatnam. A chance to get to places and see people that otherwise you wouldn't get to see and meet. Oh....and ofcourse improve your photography skills on the way...😃. Highly recommended!!! Very professional and well organized. 👍👍.

    Etienne Bossot
    Reviewed On 23/02/2019

    Thanks Ryan!

    Ryan Tyler Thomas
    Reviewed On 23/02/2019

    The basket boats are an iconic sight, but capturing them on your own without speaking the local language would be impossible. This tour gets you up close and introduced to some amazing people.