Sunrise in a fishing village in Vietnam

Our first photography tours in Hoi An for 2022

Yes, things are starting again. There have been sights of tourists in the streets of Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon. Like real tourists, coming from other faraway countries! Hoi An Photo Tour & Workshop has also started again! We have been running 2 photography tours over the weekend: a private photo workshop in the old town and a sunrise photography tour in a fishing village outside of Hoi An. Bring it on in 2022!

Back on track for 2022: we’re running photography tours in Hoi An again!

We were contacted through our Instagram page about our photography tours in Hoi An. After a quick discussion, we arranged the best option: the guest wanted to discover Hoi An Old Town and improve their travel and street photography skills. So we settled on a private photography workshop early morning in Hoi An old town. 

As usual, we started with a very good coffee close to the central market, which is the perfect opportunity for a quick chat about the student’s current knowledge in photography. 

We headed first to the market, working on composition techniques. Our goals are to teach how to anticipate the action and the moment to capture more meaningful images. At 7 am, the light in Hoi An market was just great. This allowed us to really exploit many camera settings techniques and composition ideas. 

Focusing on the student’s current understanding of photography is key. On that morning, we worked a lot on analysing the scene to find the best light available.  Finding the best light will give you the best images!

We then strolled through Hoi An Old Town. The streets are still quiet at this time of the day.  We even entered a construction site where the light was shining on a staircase. This was a perfect opportunity to show that photography can happen everywhere!

Even though that day was the Hot air balloon festival in Hoi An Old Town, we only went there to have a look for a few minutes. The light was getting harsh and listening to Gangnam style in loop nonstop was not really what we had in mind! 

Our first photography tour in Hoi An for 2022

On Sunday morning we took a small group on our Sunrise Photo Tour in the Fishing Village. We knew that the place was still as busy as ever.  We had been visiting it over the past couple of years to film content for Pics of Asia’s Online Photo Course

An early start was definitely worth it! We had a stunning sunrise! The sky was full of wonderful colours. The light was simply amazing. Lots of fish, lots of activities! This allowed us to capture different types of actions. We also spent some time along the river as the morning colourful light was reflecting on the quiet waters. 

A sunrise photography tour in Hoi An in 2022

We were not the only ones to enjoy running a photography tour again!  It was such a pleasure to meet all our friends from the village! Everyone was very happy to see us again.  People came to ask if these were “real” tourists! ! Etienne was busy spending a lot of time shaking hands and catching up with some old friends. 

On top of that fantastic atmosphere, our favourite Banh Mi lady was still there.  She is making the most absolute yummy sandwiches in this area of Hoi An! (you can check the reviews of our past students, they still remember it!). We didn’t meet the iconic Le Sa,  the “Bamboo man” on that morning. Though, people told us he was fine and taking a day off at home. We’ll be seeing him very soon for sure. 

We are ready to welcome more people and teach photography in the best locations for 2022!

With our updated photography tours and workshops, we are 200% ready to welcome visitors. We also have new locations to explore and share with you in 2022. Don’t wait any longer and join us for wonderful photography adventures!