family on a photography tour in Hoi An

Hoi An Activities: An Ideal Family Tour

Hoi An has a lot to offer. Clearly. There’s so many amazing sites to see and things to do in Hoi An that you’ll never be bored!

Unless, of course, you’re here with your full family – who might be less inclined to wander around the Old Town for hours. Or to take long bike trips through the countryside. Kids need constant entertainment, after all – and watching you sip on yet another tasty Vietnamese coffee is not their idea of fun!

So what kind of fun family activities can you do in Hoi An?

Something that’s unique, original and that will keep the entire family interested? Something that brings you to a new place, showing you that there’s so much more to this magical place than just the Old Town and An Bang beach?

Because let’s face it…even though there is a wide choice of things to do in Hoi An, the opportunities for families who want to try something a bit different, more off the radar, is limited.

our sunset photography tour is ideal for families with teenagers

Introducing: A sunset photography tour for all the family

This is an ideal tour for those families who want to do something different – and to do that activity together. 

Our sunset photography tour is not your usual Hoi An day tour. No, it’s an original and educational tour of Hoi An and its surrounding countryside that’s both interesting and fun for the entire family.

Not only do we learn about photography, but we also go and meet the locals in their villages and their workplaces – getting to know them and listening to their stories. Allowing your kids to develop both great photographs and special memories, which they can hold onto long after they leave.

meeting local people during the sunset photography tour in hoi an

A great tour for adults in Hoi An

First and foremost, this “tour” is a photography workshop. So anyone who has an interest in photography can learn about camera settings and composition as well as the way in which we approach people to take their pictures. 

We spend the afternoon walking through villages and fields to meet these people while discussing how to take better pictures. Learn how you can use light and clean backgrounds to your advantage in travel and people photography, even when they’re a lot going on around you. No cheesy staged photos of farmers posing on water buffalos – which will cost you! Instead, this workshop is all about developing your photography skills in a more authentic way.

What’s more, this sunset photography tour takes us into the countryside of Hoi An, far away from the main tourist tracks. This is a great way to see the “real Vietnam” – and a good opportunity to get out of the business of Hoi An Old Town. We take time to meet and interact with locals doing their activities, getting to know a little more about Vietnam and its culture. 

Sometimes, one person in the family might feel like the tour isn’t for them – because they don’t own a camera. No problem! Our photography tours are also ideal for people taking photos with their phones. We actually teach smartphone photography workshops, too – so any camera is perfect! 

Our main goal on this tour is to show and introduce you to farmers as they work in the fields. The fields we visit harvest a few crops a year: rice, peanuts, sesame, corn and beans. This is a great opportunity to learn about the way in which people work in Vietnam today and the food that they produce.

A student learning about smartphone photography during hoi an sunset photography tour and workshop

A great tour for kids in Hoi An

You probably see why adults love the sunset tour, right? Fortunately, kids do, too!

First of all, the tour starts at 3 pm – so there’s no need to take your children out of bed early! We meet in our office when the heat of the day begins to fade, before riding in a comfortable minivan to our countryside location.

Second of all, the afternoon photography tour involves slow walks through the villages and fields, allowing us to discuss photography and to interact with the people we meet. 

This leisurely pace allows us to discover more about the villages we go to – and it’s ideal for younger participants. Why? Well, we meet a lot of children, usually on their way back from school. They love to chat and practice their English with foreigners, especially with people their own age!

Finally, visiting the farmers and learning about the way in which they do things is a very educational activity for younger kids. The farmers often even invite us to help them with their work. Nothing better than getting your hands dirty to experience something unique! 

Student of hoi an photo tour and workshop interacting with the locals

A great tour for families in Hoi An

After 10 years of running our photography tours in and around Hoi An, we can confidently recommend our sunset tour as an ideal tour for the entire family. Everyone can learn something from this fun and educational tour – whether it’s about photography or about Vietnamese culture in general.

It brings families to new and interesting places, it allows them to bond over this shared experience – and it helps them to form a wonderful memory of their time together in Hoi An.

Check out the details of this tour and feel free to contact us for further information. 

our sunset photography tour is the ideal tour in hoi an for families