Pics of Asia best of 2018 Video

When we are not running our photography tours and workshops around Hoi An, we are doing the same thing in the rest of Asia. From Vietnam to Iran, Sri Lanka, Banggladesh and India, Pics of Asia runs the best photography workshops in Asia. We have built this short video showcasing the best parts of 2018 (when we could film it!). We hope you enjoy 🙂

sunrise over cua dai beach

Sunrise in Hoi An: tips for amazing landscape photography

Simple geography: Vietnam is facing the ocean on the East, and Laos and Cambodia on the West. Because the mountains and jungle of Laos create a kind of haze, Hoi An isn’t the best location for sunsets. The colours are quite shy and we only have a few months in summer where the sunsets are really spectacular. But for sunrise, I believe Vietnam is perfectly located! So where around Hoi…

portrait of the bamboo man

The story of the bamboo man

For some of you who have been following us regularly on Facebook  or Instagram, you may have seen me talk about the bamboo man before. I have been posting portraits of him for the past 10 years – ever since I started to regularly visit his village during our sunrise photography tour and workshop in Hoi An. I first met Le Sa in 2009, whilst walking along the river in Duy Hai,…

local women walking through hoi an market

Photograph markets in Asia: change your point of view

When travelling through Asia, our photography tends to be focused more on people and human activity. And what better place than local markets to show us the bustling daily activity on this area? Markets are great to photograph because there are a lot of things happening, a lot of moments to capture. But because of how busy they are, markets are also hard work, difficult to photograph. Here are our…

Boy selling lanterns in Hoi An old town

Basic camera settings to know for people photography

When travelling to Asia it is very tempted to take photos of people. Not only Asia is very busy with people, which makes it more difficult to find clean open landscapes, but Asia is really defined by its bustling activities. Hoi An, for example, is surrounded by rice fields and fishing villages. By driving outside of the town you can find endless photo opportunities given all the human activity we…

Fishermen going at sea on a basket boat

2018: a year in review with Hoi An photo tour and workshop

With 2019 already here, it is time to reflect on the previous year. Once again, Hoi an Photo Tour and Workshop has kept us all very busy since we are now offering a wide variety of photography tours and workshops around Hoi An. 2018 was the year we officially started running our advanced sunrise photography tour / workshop. Due to the fact that we recently discovered an amazing location to…