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2018: a year in review with Hoi An photo tour and workshop

With 2019 already here, it is time to reflect on the previous year. Once again, Hoi an Photo Tour and Workshop has kept us all very busy since we are now offering a wide variety of photography tours and workshops around Hoi An.

2018 was the year we officially started running our advanced sunrise photography tour / workshop. Due to the fact that we recently discovered an amazing location to photograph, we felt the need to explore the area more, including meeting all the villagers in the area. It is still a location that we want to keep exclusinve and only bring small groups of people so it reamins untouched for a while.


2018 was also the year we launched our brand new website! We are now offering many more tours and workshops to satisfy the demand. We also realized that travelers and tourists tend to try and specialize more and more in a certain type of photography, the reason why we created, for example, our food photography workshop.

2018 was also a year we ran a huge number of private photo workshops in town, bringing people into the market in the mornign and working on advanced composition techniques. This is still one of my favourite photography tour to run as I can push people out of their comfort zone, enabling a better learning experience.

An interesting photo composition taken in hoi an market during hoi an private photography workshop

We also ran several Street Photography workshops, which I enjoyed particularly for the fact that it is a completely different way of thinking composition in the streets of Hoi An! It is also great to work with Phong and Trung, two of the best street photographers in Vietnam!

street image of a child with a toy gn in the streets of hoi an old town with hoi an photo tour and workshop

We have now opened a new night photography tour into Hoi An old town to teach people about night photography: playing with the shutter speed with pannings and long exposures, and dealing with dark situations. This is great fun as Hoi An has been changing so fast over the recent years, it looks very different at night now.

Woman paddling her boat on hoi an river during Hoi An night photography workshop

And of course, we have been running a huge amount of our classic sunrise and sunset photography tours, which have been our best sellers for now 10 years! And yes, this year we are celebrating 10 years of Hoi An Photo Tour and Workshop! Another excuse to spend a day in our favourite villages and have a party with the locals!

Our sunset photography tour is taking us to visit a sesame cake factory outside of Hoi An
Capturing farmers harvesting peanuts on our sunset photography tour in Hoi An
On a stormy day we captured a woman gathering snails from the river on our sunset photography tour and workshop

In 2018 we also created a new short video of the tours, that you can find here.

Let’s make way for 2019 which surely will be another exciting year filled with a lot of happy students and creative photography!

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