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Our goal is to bring photography to everyone, in order to capture the beauty that the area has to offer.

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Etienne Bossot is the creator of Hoi An Photo tour & workshop. Based in Hoi An for over 11 years, Etienne is working through South East Asia on destination weddings and commercial work. But most of his time and energy goes into running his photography workshops in Hoi An and South East Asia and share the passion for the craft.

Etienne has been running photography tours and workshops in Asia for the last 10 years and is now expanding to the West.

Call me: 09 05 67 18 98



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Frederik Wissink started his career as a professional photographer 11 years ago upon arriving in Saigon (HCMC).

Starting out as an editorial photographer the moving up to Photo Editor at that same magazine for 7 years, he has build an ever-evolving photography business that covers not only editorial clients such as the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, but moved to specialize in interior design and architectural photography with clients around South East Asia. Looking for interesting details and at times a grand overall picture for every client.

Frederik collects and shoots with old Minolta film cameras and has ridiculous amounts of fun doing his job.


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Jean Ramiere is the latest addition to our team. After years of being passionate by the environment and wildlife photography, Jean started to capture also the people and way life through Vietnam and especially in Hoi An where he’s been living for several years. Becoming very popular around the old ladies of the market, he will be able to show you the best locations around town and facilitate your approach to the locals. Jean is also the last Pentax photographer left alive on the planet.


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TRUNG DEL is an active street photographer slash professional photo assistant and local fixer based in Hoi An. Trung knows pretty much every corner in Vietnam and gains a considerable knowledge of its people and culture. As a super dynamic, happy-go-lucky bloke Trung has worked in countless photography and filming projects in Vietnam.

Skinny Siddhartha has been living in Hoi An for almost 10 years. He works as a freelance wedding/commercial photographer but street and documentary photography are his comfort zones. He has been practicing street photography for about 3 years. He is also a founding member/admin of an online curated page Vietnam Hardcore Street Photography.



Now you can take the time to enjoy some photos of myself…. or you should go on Pics of Asia to read my photography tutorials, that may be more beneficial 🙂

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